Free to print unnumbered or statically numbered single pages

$99 to turn on sequential numbering


Build for 64 bit

Fix: rotating the bar code in the stub could produce a blank bar code



Made moving the barcodes around easier

Fixed auto numbering symbol not immediately displaying in preview box

Small cosmetic changes



Drawing module - duplicated objects will be created within the current drawing boundaries.

Tickets without stubs were not being numbered correctly.



Set the window name to the ticket's name when editing the ticket's background picture.

Fixed delay in displaying picture changes after changes are accepted.

The picture is automatically cropped to the boundaries of its elements, rather than the drawing space size.

Fixed problem where a new ticket without stub is not drawn correctly when first displayed for editing.

Fixed problem where "Fit Page" button could be incorrectly hidden for stub-less tickets.



Fixed "Read Only" bug on opening application.



Make pop-up buttons more responsive

Some cosmetic changes

Update to 4D v15



Design and layout are now on separate pages.

Added inset, size, and gap controls for labels where the perforations do not stretch edge-to-edge.

Added a button to set the labels to fit the page.



Quick patch for picture users; fixes the scaling on the printout.



Added a button "Clear Formatting" to remove all hidden formatting from the area being edited.

Fixed an error message when saving an empty picture.



Add inset padding around the printed area when not using the stub feature.

Prevent the offset entries from shrinking the ticket.

Improved the reporting of the printed ticket numbers in the Notes area.

Printed number longer than the format [0...0] displays properly.

Quit the program without requiring confirmation.



Add layout overview window.

Calculate dimensions based on printer settings, and the stub perforation setting if using stubs.



Account for printers with unequal opposite printable margins.

Add vertical and horizontal offsets.

Add horizontal nudge for the rightmost ticket.

Change print settings dialog to display only usable options.

Provide automatic update checking.

Fix displayed menu when returning from Draw.




Use Printable Area to determine ticket size.