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Free to use with three static patients for evaluation.

$149 activation code removes the patient limit.

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In the Main window, enable searching patient tests only when a patient is selected.
Supressed an error alert that appears in the Main window when double-clicking a patient is the first action taken.
Fixed the Cancel button in the update's progress dialog.
Can delete Test Results from the list form.
Can add and remove a Test from a battery in the Test entry window.
Prevent double print dialog on first printing.
Change some icons to save screen space.
Added shortcut keys for adding and printing records.
Allow right-click in the patient result list to selcet a single test type or date for the patient.
Alt/Option-click in the patient result list to highlight all tests of the same type.
Added "Out of Range", a % the test result is over or under the lower or upper range. This can be inclued in printouts.
Improved print control. Can now print a highlighted set of records.
Adding tests:
Improved error message results when no tests are available.
The "Add" column will become checked when any other item on the line is modified.
All text becomes selected when entering the Time entry field.
Change in search dates immediately affects Result selection.
Change datafile seeking routine during app startup.
Changes made during test entry to a Test's lower and upper values are made permanent.
Fixed problem unchecking a checkbox during test entry.
Added a version for Windows.
Standardize time and date pop-ups
Update to 4D v15
The upper and lower range values for the entry can be modified when adding test results.
Fixed bug in drawing the Dial where ((Max-Min)/2)+(Min)=0° instead of 90°.
Added ability in the Test Results list window to restrict the collection dates of the selection.
Fixed redraw of list values after entering values from the edit window.
Allow data editing in the Test Results list window.
Confirm quitting when an editing window is open.
Display version changes in the About window.
Add quick sort menu to Test Results list form.
Make pop-up buttons more responsive.
Fixed Quit menu.
Updated the help manual.
Fixed parser bug when test values are all zero (divide by zero).
Add File menu items "New Datafile", "Open Datafile", and Utilities.
Activate the option to check for updates.