School Health and Related Services - Monitoring Tool



Use free with up to ten students

-- 2.180910 --
64 bit app
Improved Provider's documents handling.
Fixed district and schol display in student list window.
Fixed error when copying dates.
-- 1.20151106--
Add ability to print a single Session from the Student's Sessions page.
Attach Service Type to reports, in addition to the modifiable description.
Update activation and download methods.
-- 1.20151031--
Fixed Student edit window Sessions 'Modify' menu enabling.
To Do list now searches with each keystroke.
Districts and Schools can be accessed from the menu bar.
Choosing a Session's Provider checks the provider's license date, if used.
Fixed incorrect position of service pop-up menu
Changed input form button look
Shift key toggles the "Highlight All" button
Easier path to create new datafile.
-- 1.20151027 --
Improvements in Student To-Do List date/time display, and date and time entry.
Some cosmetic changes.
Adding new student allows Mailing Address, IEP, and Notes entry.
-- 1.20150927 --
Fixed "Read Only" bug on opening application.
-- 1.20150926 --
Cosmetic fixes.
-- 1.20150918 --
Added assistance to date and time entry
-- 1.20150914 --
Right-click date field for calendar pop-up.
Right-click time field for time pop-up.
Fixed 00/00/00 date handling.
Added search field above some list columns.
Added a Provider list and a Provider Company list to assist in finding license expiration, background check compliance, and data entry. Document images can be stored in the Provider's record.
Added a mailing address field to the student record for use with labels.
Added list printing for list windows, school and district information printing.
-- 1.20150909 --
Hide detail fields when no ARD or Service is selected.
More quickly find students with consent date pending.
Reorganized school pop-up choice lists.
Expanded School and District codes from 5 to 10 characters.
Some cosmetic improvements.
-- 1.20150906 --
Added To Do reminders
Improved the Overview report