EasyCardFile provides a quick way to save notes, recipes, photos, contacts, and other types information in a flexible, but organized card file. Card names are shown on the left and the content of the selected card is shown on the right. A card’s content has two pages, a notes page and a picture page. Although images can be inserted into the notes, there are different printing options for the image stored on the picture page.


Use free with up to five cards. $20 to use without a card limit.

Computer Dimensions, Inc. 409-866-8378.

Each card can be assigned a category, allowing you to work with all categories or with a single category.
Click a column heading to sort the cards by category or by name.
Find cards by entering words into the search areas located above the list and card areas.
Print cards, text or lists from the highlighted or entire selection.
Double-click a line to edit its Category or Name. Click in the Notes area to begin typing.

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